Special Webinar offer to readers of Signals

Dear Signals subscriber.
We invite you to a webinar following up the Energy Scenarios covered in previous newsletters.
You may remember the energy supply signals we commented on in the newsletter from May.

Signals:  Whilst countries are crafting fossil fuel descent trajectories, the special role that energy plays in the economy means that you cannot just unplug the economy from its fossil fuel life support, and hope. Energy might not even comply with the laws of supply and demand.

Stephen Hinton, together with Philip Wayer from ISSS, cover essential knowledge of the oil market, supply chain risk management, likely scenarios, factors to monitor and the new capabilities organisations need  to build to manage energy risks.

Fast Facts:

  • Main Theme: managing fossil-fuel intensity reductions value chain
  • Main audience: managers involved in creating scenarios and strategies for a future of uncertain energy supply
  • Main benefits: get fast insights and strategies to manage risk and opportunity
  • Length: 60 mins
  • Price: 49 Euros
  • Register: follow this link
  • Available: 8th July 12:30 CET and 9th July 19:30 CET

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