MARCH 2016 Vol. 4 Issue 1

Signals of war

Signals show tensions rising and divisions growing. Time to Invest in Peace. Is it possible?


Ad_WebinarWelcome to the Webinar hosted by TIGE.


  • Date: 5 th April 16:00 – 17:00 CET
  • Host: Initiatives of Change
  • Theme: how to invest in Peace
  • Objectives: An overview of possibilities to invest in other ways, at personal ´, community and policy level.
  • Sign up: Free
  • Access: you will need a web link (coming soon on this page)

With every day that passes we see how tension and conflicts are on the rise. Yet what people really want is peace. Peace, not as absence of war, but as the harmony that comes from within when given a chance. At a time when investing in fossil fuels looks like a short-term idea, and property might hit a bubble, and with corporate profits that have been steadily falling since after WWII, we need to ask ourselves: can we invest in peace instead? Can we invest in removing suffering and create a good life for all even as we adapt to living with less money and cheap fossil fuel? This workshop aims to gather people who are eager to explore and engage in the topic further, along with presenters who are working at the leading edge of this field.

Those looking to explore investment and business opportunities as well as individuals who share a personal engagement in promoting peace.


  • Stephen Hinton
  • Rhamis Kent
  • Tim MacDonald

Stephen will present his personal view on how Peace and sustainability hang together. He will explore three levels: personal, (peace is already there) community (new culture, of security of food, water, inclusivity removes stress) Policy (structural to encourage investment land restoration, affordable housing, war preventions etc)

Rhamis will explain his experiences with land restoration and possibilities for people to rather than exploit land, harvest and continue to harvest in a way that improves land function.

Tim explains how investment companies can lay the foundation for investment in peace.We always hear that it costs too much or does not make money. Of course investing in peace promotes prosperity. Maybe Wall Street has been looking the wrong way.

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