About the newsletter

In these times of information overload we aim to make your job a little easier, helping you spot what is significant for your strategy-making an providing hard evidence for you to refer to when presenting strategic choices to your organisation.

For example:

We monitor the news flow from a wide variety of sources from the last 30 – 60 days for developments that could inform your organization’s social and environmental strategy which in turn could affect your overall business strategy.

The idea of this newsletter is to alert you to trends that you may need to be aware of in your leadership role. Once alerted, if salient, you will more easily be able to pick up on them in your environment.

Signals of Change Newsletter is produced in cooperation between the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security and Stephen Hinton Consulting with support from the Water and Food Award.

Strategists straddle the area between keeping operations efficient and preparing to change with the external environment.

Weak signals provide a basis for strategic dialogues about getting this balance right. Getting a better perspective on the external environment, identifying wider issues, can come  from looking at the factual basis embedded in weak signals, rather the way a doctor will look at symptoms as an objective place to start diagnosis.

Topics  include:

  • Resource limitations
  • Financial system developments
  • Natural environment
  • Social conditions
  • Societal resilience
  • The development of human culture
  • Organisational responses to the needs of society
  • The narrative of progress

Every month we send our newsletter out keeping you up to date with the latest developments influencing organisational strategy for social and environmental responsibility. The first edition came out in September 2013. Sign up now by clicking the button below.