Newsletter November 2017 Peace Economics Special

This summer, the Caux Foundation hosted an Invest in Peace conference, the first of its kind, convening bankers investors, land restorers, development experts and peace activists.  The conference was organised by the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation and Initiatives of Change.

Initiatives of Change was originally called Moral Rearmament, and came to do some of its most important work at the end of WW2 in bringing Germans and French together for reconciliation.

The main take away: Peace is still a good thing to work towards.

Indeed, the conference confirmed that making Peace the main driver of investment could usher in a new era of prosperity globally. And the world badly needs a new idea.

Read the conference summary here.

Big change ahead for Signals of Change

Analysing signals of change, the team  (Stephen Hinton Consulting with selected partners) has come to the conclusion that the challenges facing humanity are so large that the only strategy to navigate the future is to aim for peace at every level: personal, community, environmental and systemic/structural. Because of this, the Signals of Change team is joining forces with Initiatives of Change and the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation. Signals of change will now become a regular feature of the Invest in Peace newsletter instead of a separate publication. Signals will still focus on the changes and trends happening that affect sustainable development in all its aspects, but with a stronger peace focus.

You as a Signals of Change subscriber will be invited to subscribe to the new publication in conjunction with the next edition in December. In the meantime you are welcome to sign up on the Invest in Peace website.

We hope you have benefited from Signals over the years and we invite you to join us in what might be the greatest project of all: Peace on Earth.