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SIGNALS OF CHANGE Special Webinar Edition

Catching social and environmental trends early

Newsletter February 2014 Vol. 2 Issue 2

We have been writing recently about the trend of  Corporations leading the change to creating value for all, not just shareholders. The signs are that the industrial paradigm is struggling.  This view is echoed by leaders withing the Risk Management Industry, Harvard Economists and our partner, The Humanitarian Water and Food Award.

We are inviting our readers to this basic but at the same time cutting edge webinar:

CSR and food security: the opportunity and challenge of our time. (Cooperation with ISSS.SE, the Instituite of Swedish Safety and Security)

DATE: 27th February      TIME: 14:00 CET (50 minutes)

SUBJECT: CSR from a food security and risk and continuity perpective

FROM THE PROGRAM: What is food insecurity doing to us? How businesses view these trends? Micheal Porter’s perspective. Water and Food applicants’ solutions. Perspective on Risk management.

REGISTRATION: is online and free,  follow this link for registration and more information

Supporting links

Stephen Hinton sees a new leadership emerging: one where corporations are at the heart of creating common value for all.

The Guardian sees the same trend

Capitalism as it is, is not working

CEOS not ready for capitalism

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The idea of this newsletter is to alert you to trends that, in your leadership role, you may need to be aware off. Once alerted, if salient, you will start to pick up on them and apply your understanding.

Signals of Change Newsletter is produced in cooperation between the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security and Stephen Hinton Consulting with support from the Water and Food Award.

Together with our partners we offer dialogues, training, webinars and consulting to help organizations rise to the social challenges of our times.

JOINING THE DIALOGUE: Stephen Hinton Consulting, together with the Swedish risk management organization, ISSS and the Water and Food Award offers strategists and business leaders support in framing strategies for the new, resource constrained but connected world. Building awareness is one of the first steps. Contact us through our websites for more information on how we can support you.

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